Meet Mike the Muscle Man, The Hammer, Care Bear & JewBacca.

Nick A.K.A. Mike the Muscleman

Hey friends! I’m the new intern at the Marquette office! I’m known by my family as the member that could not shut his mouth, the annoying little brother, and the crazy son. But at Bottom Line Marketing, I’m Mike the Muscle Man.

My first week here at BLM Marquette gave me the opportunity to work on my acting, write and draft blogs, create jewelry taglines, research hashtags for social media, and sketch scripts for a few different clients including Household Appliance and Smart Financial. I have a ferocious appetite to learn and improve!

My life has taken some interesting travels and turns throughout the years before BLM. I was born in Tampa, Florida, moved to Grand Rapids, Michigan, then picked up and moved to Nebraska, spent some time in Ohio, and after graduating high school in Spring Lake, I ended up in Marquette! You could say I’m a Midwestern Globetrotter.
Currently, I’m attending Northern Michigan University and studying the art of marketing. My future plans…well, I just want to be the best at what I do and where I do it and give back once I have made it. I am an outdoor enthusiast because being inside just isn’t as fun. My hobbies include rock climbing, camping (even in the winter), hiking, kayaking, boating, playing ultimate Frisbee (currently captain of Riptide, the ultimate Frisbee team at NMU), and biking. I am also passionate about hunting, shooting firearms, and golf…not that I do all three at the same time…

Anyways, I am ecstatic to be a part of the Bottom Line family. The culture is fun, light-hearted, but always heavy on the gas pedal. There’s nothing wrong with playing, but when it’s work time, it’s time to grind. Continuous improvement and constant acceleration win the day. I hope to remain here at Bottom Line after I graduate in May and develop into a great asset for the team!

Caroline VanZoeren AKA CVZ, Caro, Care Bear

Party peopleeeeee! (I'm hoping all get the MC Hammer reference, and if you do, don't just think I'm being obnoxious anyways). Hey! I'm Caroline, the newest designer/illustrator here in Denver.
I started working at BLM right at the end of last year, which put the perfect cherry on one of the craziest years of my life. I developed my personal portfolio, survived my last semester of college, graduated from Temple University in Philly, worked on a political campaign, & moved across the country from DC to Denver.

I love to make people laugh, and will regularly go too far to get it out of people. I'm the youngest sibling in my family, so, therefore, am stereotypically the loudest and most ridiculous. Since moving out here, my favorite things to do include hiking, skiing (which I've done for the last 10 weekends), and walking around to discover new places and treats. I also enjoy drawing (duh, see career), singing, and doing anything new that's thrown at me. I'll try pretty much do anything once.

I'm excited to be here and happy to be a part of the BLM fam!

Whoomp, there it is.

Rachel Fisher AKA Ginger, Red, Gingie, Fisher, RJewD2 and Jewbacca

Where to start! I’ve lived in the North East my whole life and was born and raised in the thrilling state of CT with 4 brothers. I attended Skidmore College in Saratoga Springs, NY where I fell in love with the 3D form and concentrated on the human figure in sculpture and jewelry. Along with Art History, I focused solely on anything and everything sculpture; including foundry, welding, metalsmithing, casting and jewelry fabrication. For my senior thesis, I got to cast a live human, make massive impractical jewelry pieces and photograph over 40 models nude!

Immediately after graduation, I moved to NYC where I lived for 4 years. For 2 of those years, I was an apprentice bench jeweler at Betteridge Jewelers in CT. Learning from master goldsmiths and wax-carvers was an incredible experience. I then moved on to Tiffany’s in NYC to understand the business side of jewelry and soon after landed at Stephen Webster UK Jewelry in NYC.
After playing a New Yorker for a few years, I decided I needed to change up my life because if not now, when? So I moved home, packed my car and drove out west to Denver, CO. Through endless interviews my first few weeks after moving and the heavy feeling of defeat, I met Jackie Brooks through a WJA member. Within a few days, I started at BLM, my first job in marketing and thankfully in a field I understand, jewelry.

But besides art and all it entails, I also truly enjoy cooking, boxing, writing, biking, going to concerts and spending an embarrassing amount of time watching shows. When is Game of Thrones coming out, seriously?  


Peter Capenhaver AKA The Hammer

“Put the hammer down, Annette! I can fix it!”
Bottom Line is so excited to introduce Peter Capenhaver! A jack of all trades, Peter has a background in radio, a great voice, and a creative mindset. He already saved the day for a couple of us today! Including fixing Annette’s printer, keeping the show on the road! What a star already. Thank you Peter, and welcome to the family!